a dirty poem by futsem

Sitting here, my sleeping  penis exposed, beginning  to try
Look straight down and notice wrinkles
And hair
Then pull on hair to feel whole
here on the edge of the bed, keyboard on knees

where all faults begun
blueprint of man so desperately wanting to be
Trimming fat to look lean
Stopping to pull on hairs in agreement
This new me
The guy coming to surface, for air
Kicking over others who held down access to the fresh
But not just me
whole mess of folks exist, men, just like myself, who do as I do
Or worse.
couple more pulls and twists

stare into the unknown
ready to lose all
A grand idea
Now to end a piece of writing that is as dull and predictable as my own sweaty self.  Waiting for some sign to shit out fat accumulated in a lifetimes worth of indulgence and supervision.




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