Stories ‘Round Bedtime

You think it’s an advantage, but it’s a disadvantage.
What about the money and the nice things, and the money?
There is no money in it, young one.
The money is not even money. you’re following all the wrong voices.
I thought you said there is no right or wrong?
You’re an idiot.
You’re love is showing, little one.


the wait. .
now it’s your turn to hold and see what becomes.
Yes, little one, but my wait is not for a new day to be reborn. I must make a decision.
It is far too dangerous here, thinking of you.
with great danger there must be a greater reward in waiting, then.
Ha. Yes. Yes, little one. Sigh.



..the arrival.
“Hello, little one.”
“Where did you come from.”
“Are you scared?”
“No. But my mommy and daddy were yelling and fighting just now.”
“They were simply fighting over time.”
“Who won?”
“No one.”
“Time does not belong to them, alone.”
“Then why fight?”
“Maybe they both agree they have been wasting it.


the purchase. .
“Where did you go?”
“I am always here for you if you take some time to just listen”
“It’s different for everybody”
“What do I do to hear you?”
“It’s not me you will hear”
“Who then?”
“Your family”
“Like my brother, you mean?”
“He will hear, soon. I am talking of all the family you can no longer see and so can only hear”
“But I don’t hear them”
“I can’t hear them.”
“They want you to try”
“How do you know?”
“I know you only have to try until you can do, little one”



the rock.
“What did you do, today, little one?”
“I pulled a dandelion from the ground and blew out the little lions and they flew everywhere into the sky.”
“Did you make a wish?”
“No, oh no”
“And why not?”
“Wishes are for birthday candles”
“Only candles?”
“Yeah, silly. But I walked and saw more dandelions and they were all over. There were so many.”
“So I can make wishes anytime I want?”
“Will they come true?”
“Oh, yes”



.. the fruit bowl
“Hello, there”
“I’m making my own food to eat. See?”
“Watch for the boiling water, now.”
“How do you know all of what you know?”
“I’m free, young one. There is not much to know about free men.”
“What do you do then?”
“Be sad. Cry, mostly. .”
“Stop kidding, I want to know.”
“It means I have been gifted a vision meant for me and I must follow it to unlock my dreams.”
“Follow it where?”
“That sounds fun.”
“It can be”
Then how come you don’t ever smile?”